Please note if the country where your business is registered is not listed, you will require a third party merchant account with one of our acquiring bank partners.

A merchant account is separate from your business account, set up with an acquiring bank, which enables you to accept payments by credit and debit card.

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Online Payment Solutions for Travel


The majority of travel companies are expecting significant growth over the next few years. At a time of heightened technology adoption and resultant consumer demands, the provision of an unsurpassed customer experience is paramount. You require a secure and reliable payment services provider that offers a tailored solution and that has the capacity to cope with seasonal and event driven transactional peaks.

The travel sector has been a key market for Realex Payments since day one. Through the boarding of long-term clients such as Aer Lingus and Virgin Atlantic, we have built flexible solutions that have been specifically tailored to facilitate and support the intricate backend system requirements within the travel sector. Our robust international payment solutions support hundreds of travel companies, including travel agents, public transportation services and airlines to name a few.

Combatting Fraud

Travel companies require an effective fraud management solution to minimise instances of false positive transactions and to maximise customer satisfaction. We enable you to take control of your fraud management without compromising on legitimate sales. We provide a comprehensive, flexible, real time fraud scoring tool that you can configure to fit the requirements of your various channels and markets.

Additionally, our Corporate Account Management team has extensive fraud knowledge and can provide expert support to help you minimise the operational costs associated with chargebacks while maximising post booking conversion.

Maximising Conversion

Payment experience is an important factor in conversion maximisation. You must ensure that your customer can pay quickly and easily through the channel that is most convenient to them. Our Hosted Payment Page uses responsive design technology to adapt to all devices, providing a quality experience for your customers whether they are paying via mobile, tablet or desktop etc.

You can further improve the payment experience by using our card storage and recurring payments suite to implement a one-click payment solution for your repeat customers. Our decline analysis tool further assists in your conversion maximisation by providing you with visibility over the reason for transaction decline. This enables you to perform analysis, detect patterns and identify ways to minimise declines.

Incremental Revenue through DCC

With global expansion comes the necessity to provide booking through multiple currencies. Our Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) solution provides a reliable and straightforward way for your international customers to pay in their own currency. This allows for a positive and convenient customer experience.

Our DCC solution also provides an additional revenue opportunity via commission on the foreign exchange margin. The Corporate Account Management team will provide on-going expert guidance to maximise your foreign exchange profitability.

Global Reach

Whether you are focussed solely on the UK market, expanding into Europe or already established as a global travel company, you will need to work with partners that understand your markets and that can support your expansion strategy. We can offer domestic processing in all the major ecommerce markets.

In addition, we have integrated into all the major European Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) to ensure that your customers can pay through their preferred method. Our flexible platform enables us to integrate new payment methods within 6-8 weeks.

Seamless Multi-Channel Customer Experience

As well as catering for desktop and laptop users, travel companies must deploy an effective mobile strategy to offer a seamless customer journey and positive customer experience regardless of the device that the customer uses to pay. Our Hosted Payment Page is fully responsive and renders correctly on all platforms including mobile. It is fully customisable to facilitate consistent branding throughout the user experience, from browsing to payment. This reinforces brand security and trust and ultimately improves conversion.

Combine this with our cross channel tokenisation, which facilitates one-click checkout across all devices, and our suite of flexible APIs, to build a market leading mobile solution for your customers.

Customer Service and System Resilience

While deploying an effective fraud, conversion and expansion strategy is important, it is sometimes easy to lose sight of the fundamentals – a reliable payment platform and good customer service. We have a market leading system infrastructure, with active-active data centres and real time load balancing. We offer a robust service with the capacity to manage renewal closures or seasonal peaks.

Combine this with a dedicated technical account management team that is on hand to provide expert advice across all elements of the payment value chain. You now have the two cornerstones of reliability and excellent customer service.