Please note if the country where your business is registered is not listed, you will require a third party merchant account with one of our acquiring bank partners.

A merchant account is separate from your business account, set up with an acquiring bank, which enables you to accept payments by credit and debit card.

See a full list of our acquiring bank partners here


Selling Online

The Complete Guide from Realex Payments

  • 1Set Up
  • 2Integrate
  • 3Activate
  • 4Go Live!

What you Need to Sell Online

Set up your realex payments account

Set up your Realex Payments account

Realex Payments provides merchant services and payment gateway services.

Merchant services are the services that you need to request transaction authorisation from your customer’s card issuer and to transfer funds from the customer’s account to your bank account.

The payment gateway provides the infrastructure that connects your site to your merchant services account.

Our sales team will help you to identify any additional services that you need on your account like 3DSecure cardholder authentication or Dynamic Currency Conversion.

Note: if you already have a merchant services account, you can still open a gateway only account with Realex Payments.


Integrate with Realex Payments

You will be provided with a test gateway account to develop and test your integration. Our developer centre provides access to all the integration resources needed to complete the integration, like sample code, software development kits, documentation and test cards. Your account manager will be available to answer any questions from you or your developer.


Activate your Realex Payments Account

Once your application has been processed and your integration completed and tested, you can confirm that you want to activate your account by emailing your Realex Payments account manager. Within 24 hours, you will receive a call and an email to confirm that your account is live. We recommend that you process a live transaction on your website as soon as possible to familiarise yourself with the entire process, from authorisation to settlement.


Go Live!

You can now begin accepting payments online. The Realex Payments support team will still be available to answer any questions that you may have.

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