Please note if the country where your business is registered is not listed, you will require a third party merchant account with one of our acquiring bank partners.

A merchant account is separate from your business account, set up with an acquiring bank, which enables you to accept payments by credit and debit card.

See a full list of our acquiring bank partners here


Online Payment Solutions for Retail


We enable our retail merchants to optimise their customer journey for all their channels and markets, to expand internationally and to manage their orders and fraud risk.

We have experienced rapid growth within the retail sector in recent years and we have built our platform and services to meet the expansive requirements of all types of retailers, who find our flexible product suite, approach and expert advice a perfect match to their requirements.

Seamless Multi-Channel Customer Experience

Retailers must deploy an effective mobile strategy to offer a seamless customer journey and positive customer experience regardless of the device that the customer uses to pay. Our Hosted Payment Page is fully responsive and renders correctly on all platforms including mobile. It is fully customisable, facilitating consistent branding throughout the user experience, from browsing to payment. This reinforces brand security and trust and ultimately, improves conversion.

Combine this with our cross channel tokenisation, which facilitates one-click checkout across all devices, and our suite of flexible APIs to build a market leading mobile solution for your customers.

International Expansion

Many retailers want to take advantage of the significant global opportunities available to them. A one-size-fits-all approach can hurt conversion when you are selling internationally. You need to ensure that your payment methods and currencies are tailored to the markets that you want to sell in. We can provide expert consultancy as you expand into new markets to give you a valuable insight into the local payments landscape and to help you maximise your sales.

Multicurrency allows you to price in the currencies of your various markets, so that your customers see their own currency throughout your site. Use Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) to price in one base currency while allowing your customer to choose their own currency at the point of sale with visibility over the exchange rate.

In addition, we are integrated with all the major European Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) so you can allow your customers to pay by their preferred payment method. We understand that the alternative payment market is complex and ever changing, and our flexible platform enables us to integrate new payment methods within 6-8 weeks.

Combatting Fraud

Retailers require an effective fraud management solution to identify fraudulent transactions while minimising false positives and maintaining an excellent customer journey. We enable you to minimise your fraud risk without compromising your legitimate sales. Detect suspicious transactions effectively by screening your transactions against a range of fraud checks that can be tailored and tuned to your business and the challenges of the market that you sell in. All of this powerful functionality is accessible through a straightforward and intuitive interface so that you can take control of your own fraud management.

Additionally, our Corporate Account Management team can provide expert support to help you minimise the operational costs associated with chargebacks while maximising post check-out conversion.

Maximising Conversion

For maximum conversion, online retailers must offer a seamless customer journey and positive customer experience regardless of the device that the customer uses to pay. Our Hosted Payment Page is fully responsive and displays correctly on all platforms including smartphone and tablet. It can be customised to provide consistent branding throughout the checkout process or it can be implemented as a lightbox that appears on your own webpage. This reinforces brand security and trust, and ultimately, improves conversion.

To further improve the payment experience, we provide secure card storage, which allows retailers to implement one-click checkout for all devices. This minimises friction for a returning customer, providing greater opportunity for conversion.

Customer Service and System Resilience

At Realex Payments, we never lose sight of the fundamentals – a reliable payment platform and good customer service. We offer a robust service with the capacity to manage any peaks in volume and our technical account management team is on hand to provide expert advice across all elements of the payment value chain. All members of our account management team are technical and payment experts who can help you to optimise your payment process for maximum conversion.