Please note if the country where your business is registered is not listed, you will require a third party merchant account with one of our acquiring bank partners.

A merchant account is separate from your business account, set up with an acquiring bank, which enables you to accept payments by credit and debit card.

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Online Payment Solutions for Finance


Realex Payments is one of the leading payment providers for the finance industry and has experienced exponential growth in this sector in recent years. We provide the expert assistance that allows our finance clients to make informed decisions and to develop an effective payment and collections strategy for future growth. Our ability to help our clients address the specific challenges of the finance market has set us apart from our competitors.

The rapid growth and innovation in the finance industry over recent years has seen our clients’ requirements evolve rapidly. With our broad product offering, sector expertise and strong customer service focus, we believe that we are in an excellent position to deliver payment solutions that can adapt to these changing requirements and that can meet the immediate and future needs of our clients.

Clear Strategies for Changing Regulations

We are facing a new era of regulation, with uncertainty over new regulatory compliance and changing standards across different markets. Ongoing regulation assessment and new laws for consumer credit licensees pose a considerable challenge for many financial businesses.

Our expert advice, sector experience and innovative product offerings can help you to overcome those challenges. Our Corporate Account Management team can keep you to up to date with recent developments and can offer expert advice that aligns regulation initiatives to your specific business requirements. Together, we can maximise the opportunities and minimise the risks.

Effective Collections Strategies

When used correctly, your raw payment data can reveal important information such as transactional behaviours and trends. This information can be invaluable in formulating your collections strategy, increasing your acceptance rates and maximising your conversion. However, extraction of this information requires a comprehensive analytics tool and a skilled analytics team, and we understand that it can be challenging and time consuming for some financial businesses. Our bespoke transaction monitoring and analytics tool, with its extensive reporting functionality and unique data sets, allows you to achieve powerful results while saving time and money.

Our Corporate Account Management team will support you through the initial analysis process, and through dedicated on-going support, can help you to build a sophisticated and robust collections strategy based on your findings.

Efficient Settlement Operations

For businesses that process large volumes of transactions, the implementation of separate settlement batch files becomes inefficient. We work with high volume finance merchants to manage their settlement more efficiently so that capacity and performance challenges can be eliminated. Our multi-thread batching allows you to run concurrent transactions and our card storage solution provides a tokenised batch settlement method that further improves the security and efficiency of your settlement operations.

Our Corporate Account Management team will provide detailed batch reports with clear reconciliation summaries and can offer you expert advice on the effective management of your settlement operations.

Enhancing Card Validation

Card number validation is a vital factor in combatting fraud and very important for the finance sector. If you plan to tokenise and store a card for subsequent use, an authorisation request will allow you to confirm the validity of the card number; however, certain card scheme mandates now dictate that zero value authorisation requests must be used for this purpose rather than a low value authorisation.

We are one of the few payment gateways that provide an Open to Buy (OTB) transaction that allows you to validate the card and to confirm if the account has a positive balance without processing an authorisation. Once you have processed an OTB transaction, you can tokenise the card details and set up a recurring payments plan, confident that the card number has been validated by the customer’s issuing bank.

Our Corporate Account Management team can provide expert advice throughout the initial implementation process and on an ongoing basis.

Combatting Fraud

We provide an effective fraud management solution to identify fraudulent transactions while minimising false positives and maintaining an excellent customer journey. Detect suspicious transactions effectively by screening your transactions against a range of fraud checks that can be tailored and tuned to your channels and markets. All of this powerful functionality is accessible through a straightforward and intuitive interface so that you can take control of your own fraud management.

Additionally, our Corporate Account Management team can provide expert support to help you minimise the operational costs associated with chargebacks without compromising on genuine transactions.

Optimising your Payment Process

With our card storage solution, you can avoid the need for your customers to enter their card details for every payment. You can also give them the option to automate payments through our scheduler tool.

Our decline analysis tool helps you to maximum your transaction success rate by providing you with visibility on the reason for transaction decline. This enables you to take the appropriate action in the event of a card decline. Over time, we can help you to perform analysis, detect patterns and identify ways to minimise declines.