Please note if the country where your business is registered is not listed, you will require a third party merchant account with one of our acquiring bank partners.

A merchant account is separate from your business account, set up with an acquiring bank, which enables you to accept payments by credit and debit card.

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Enterprise Fraud Management

Combat fraud while maximising conversion

The Enemy is Smart.
Your Solution must be Smarter.

High-Calibre Fraud Management Solutions

The fight against card payment fraud isn’t a battle – it’s an ongoing war.
To prevail, you need tools that will outgun the enemy today and tomorrow.

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Put Savings Clearly in your sights

Put Savings Clearly in your Sights

View your savings in real-time. Realex Payments’ fraud solutions allow you to view the potential savings associated with successfully blocked transactions and with suspect transactions that have been held for review.

Eradicate Friendly Fire

Eradicate Friendly Fire

With access to powerful analytical tools and vast intelligence on customer behaviour, you can target the bad guys with laser-like accuracy and increase acceptance of genuine customer orders.

Intelligence Gathering: <br> Fraud Detection on a Global Scale

Intelligence Gathering:
Fraud Detection on a Global Scale

We’ve allied with fraud management experts CyberSource to bring an added dimension to your fraud strategy. CyberSource Decision Manager has the World's Largest Fraud Detection Radar.

It applies a concentrated barrage of over 260 separate fraud checks powered by intelligence extracted from 68 billion transactions processed every year through Visa Inc. and CyberSource.

Test Your Battleplan

Test Your Battleplan

CyberSource Decision Manager Replay allows you to simulate new rules before you deploy them on the battlefield.

Compare various ‘what-if’ fraud strategies against your historical data, and generate a real-time report of predicted changes to transaction outcomes and fraud rates.

You can also execute multiple strategies concurrently in the live battlefield to determine which is the most effective.

Simple yet Powerful

Simple yet Powerful

Clean. Easy to use. Our intuitive fraud interface allows you to focus on efficient execution.

Behind this user-friendly interface, our fraud solution is the most potent weapon in your arsenal in the ongoing war against fraud.

Your Realex Payments Fraud Management Armoury

Device Reputation Checking

Is the customer’s device flagged as having been previously associated with fraud or as warranting attention?

IP Geolocation

Is the data associated with the customer’s IP address consistent with other location data in the transaction?

Velocity Checking

Has the transaction data appeared in other recent transactions, and how often?

Identity and Age Checking

Do your customer’s identity and age match the details that they have provided to you?

Transaction Data Screening

Does the transaction contain data that you have flagged as High Risk?

Pattern Checking

Is the data in the transaction consistent with previous similar transactions?

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