What do you get when you put Broadcaster Rick O’Shea, Realex Payments, lots of inspirational Irish websites and a sack full of free chocolate in a room? Why, the Realex Web Awards, of course.

Last night, the cream of Irish Web talent descended on Liberty Hall in Dublin for a very special evening of celebration, eh… competitive marshmallow eating and rejected marriage proposals.

For the uninitiated, the Realex Web Awards is a weird and wonderful awards ceremony which defies convention, embraces chaos and celebrates Irish websites of all shapes and sizes.


As ever, anything can (and does) happen at the Realex Payments Web Awards, and it’s not your typical glitzy affair. Instead, it focuses on what really matters; the people who are changing face of the web in Ireland and the firing of chocolate bars into a very receptive audience.

This year’s nominees were an incredibly impressive bunch, and we’re told judging was a near-impossible task. Some of the categories included the Most Beautiful Website in Ireland, Best Sports Site, Best Website of a Start-up and Best Website in Ireland.

If you missed last night’s shenanigans, we wanted to share some of the important life lessons we learned from the Web Awards:

1. Try saying ‘chubby bunny’ with 12 marshmallows in your mouth


Not everyone can walk away with a Realex Web Award. However, there were other heroes there on the night who walked away with an arguably even greater honour; the self-respect that comes with showing hundreds of strangers that you can fit a dozen or so marshmallows in your mouth and still utter the words ’chubby bunny’. Well done everyone, well done.

2. Never propose on stage at the Web Awards


The same rule here applies to never volunteering to get up on stage and partake in an elaborate skit where you’re forced to get down on one knee, put on a dog mask and propose to a stranger. It happened and we’ll never be the same.

3. Win friends by throwing chocolate into a crowd


Who knew that haphazardly throwing chomps, curly wurlys and chewits into a crowd could inspire such a fevered response? The crowd went wild as our generous host Rick O’Shea propelled the chocolate goods through the air. The lesson? People like chocolate.
Now that we’ve got that pressing business out of the way, let us tell you about the Realex Web Award Winners. Congratulations to all the nominees and winners and to everyone who made the night so memorable.

The Winners


Best Music and Entertainment

Cork Comedy Fest

Best Arts Website


Best Science and Technology Site – sponsored by BT Ireland


Best New Web Application/Service


Best Website of a Startup


Best Podcast Series

Fair Game Podcast

Best Original Writing for a Website

Over Heaven’s Hill

Best Government and Local Government Website


Best Education and Third Level Website


An Suíomh Gaeilge is Fearr

Cairde Teo

Best Microsite

The Casement Project

Best Practice


Most Beautiful Website in Ireland


Most Innovative Website


Web Agency of the Year


Best Website in Ireland Sponsored by Realex Payments