Once upon a time, traditional retail was all about stocking the products your customers wanted and using traditional marketing channels to advertise what’s in store.

Today, with mobile connected consumers always on the rise, new technologies penetrating the market, and a purchasing process that spans several platforms and touch-points, retailers face the challenge of trying to provide their customers with a consistent experience at every point of action.

Customers want everything. They want to experience the benefits of digital and the benefits that go with a traditional in-store experience. They’re using multiple platforms, particularly mobile, to enhance their shopping experience and to inform the decisions they make.

But how can businesses ensure they deliver a satisfying (and memorable) experience at every touchpoint?

Are you struggling with providing this connected experience to your customers? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. As payment experts, we’re always hearing from eCommerce merchants who are trying to strengthen and bridge the gaps in their buying journey.

We’re hosting our Connected Commerce seminar to help eCommerce merchants meet the unique demands of today’s consumer. The event will bring together experts from Payment, eCommerce and Marketing Automation industries to deliver a holistic overview of the online shopping experience.

At Connected Commerce, delegates will learn how to:

  • Prepare and build a digitally connected experience for your audience
  • Deliver payment experiences that are aligned specifically to customer behaviour
  • Create personalised experiences and use techniques to tailor individual customer interactions
  • Deliver enhanced customer experiences that cater to both digital and bricks-and-mortar retail

Our expert speakers, from Realex Payments, Dotmailer, and Invent Commerce, have worked with some of the world’s biggest merchants, supporting them to drive more revenue and increase customer satisfaction.