Our latest Realex FinAppsParty partner, WooCommerce, is the online shopping plugin that’s seen over 10 million downloads, making it one of the biggest online shop builders in the world.

They’ve just come on board for the Realex FinAppsParty, so they will be making their brilliant API available to developers at our upcoming hackathon on the 11th and 12th March 2016.

Welcome to the Realex FinAppsParty! Are you excited about the upcoming hackathon on the 11th and 12th March?

We are stoked! We see a lot of opportunity in bringing together the brightest individuals to serve the needs of our large community of customers.

The Realex FinAppsParty is going to help us to bring our technology to a new level. We welcome new ideas from inventive people. It’s one of the ways we succeed in meeting the needs of millions of online sellers that we support around the world.

You’ve managed to woo millions of online sellers, WooCommerce! How did you manage that?

A lot of hard work! WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress that now powers over 30% of the world’s online stores. We give users complete control to sell anything, anywhere, to anyone.

Open-source and fully customizable, there are hundreds of free and paid extensions for WooCommerce to create memberships, sell downloads, take bookings for accommodation and appointments and more. WooCommerce enables our customers to sell online with a friendly system for managing their online store.


WooCommerce powers almost 1/3 of the world’s online stores? That’s pretty impressive. Who do you partner with to deliver this?

We want to provide a complete online selling solution to our customers, so we integrate with leading eCommerce service providers, like Realex Payments, along with hundreds of other payment gateways to achieve this.

Hundreds of others? You mean, we’re not exclusive? Just kidding.

What is your favourite API that our developers will be working with at the Realex FinAppsParty?

Realex is always great to work with if that’s any consolation! Our favourite API, which we are making available for the Realex FinAppsParty, is the WooCommerce API.

Using the WooCommerce API, developers can create powerful integrations to connect an online seller’s WooCommerce store to just about any other web-based service (for example, an accounting system or a CRM).

This helps our customers to manage their customers, along with their orders and their online store as a whole. You can see the WooCommerce API here

Our API makes it possible for developers to connect services and integrations to link WooCommerce to real-world scenarios and more.

Real-world scenarios? Jim, our Head of Swag here, doesn’t understand why one would make virtual reality when you can make actual reality. Care to comment on his genius insight?

Well, Jim is a very wise man! For people selling online, we don’t create a virtual reality as such, but we do develop real-world scenarios that mimic true life.

This is the only way to truly test the countless possible configurations and plugin constellations that exist today.

We want to make sure that every business maximises their sales online. Virtual reality, through real-world scenarios, can help to achieve that!

You test in a virtual world so that sellers don’t lose sales in the real world.

The Realex FinAppsParty is all about winning in the real world – what would you like to see in a winning hackathon entry?

We’d like to see an app which helps merchants to help their customers, by offering the products the customers need, in a way which is attractive to the customer.

Narrowing in, we’d want to see an app which helps a merchant to use their store’s data (for example, sales figures) to better understand how their customer interacts with their store.

Have you any top tips for developers coming to Realex FinAppsParty 2016?

You’re probably going to start big. Lots of ideas are great, but it can be overwhelming. We advise the brilliant developers to take a step back, refine the idea back down to its basic goal as soon as you can and work from there. When we say “work”, we mean code, so just get coding!

Sounds good to us! Thank you to the team at WooCommerce for chatting with us, and we look forward to partying (and working) with you at the Realex FinAppsParty in London!

The Realex FinAppsParty is the best party in town. On the 11th & 12th March 2016, developers will compete for a £15,000 team prize for the most innovative mobile application using our partners’ mobile SDKs and APIs.

Once you are done with your app, there is only one thing left: you will need to integrate our seamless payment checkout. Don’t worry, this won’t take long!

We will be making available our iOS and Android mobile libraries which take as little as 5 minutes to integrate.