Apple Pay has just arrived with Realex Payments. Apple Pay provides a simple and secure way for your customers to buy physical goods and services within your app. By implementing Apple Pay with Realex Payments, your business can provide a better payment experience that has the potential to double your checkout conversion rates.

With Realex Payments, your customers can begin to buy goods and services from your app with Apple Pay today. The seamless payment experience means customers don’t have to enter billing, shipping and contact details, as all payment data is stored securely on their Apple mobile device. Apple Pay delivers a seamless checkout experience for your customer, while increased security levels reduce the risk of fraud and chargebacks for your business.

The potential of your business app for online sales

Apple Pay in-app

Mobile apps on smartphones have changed the way that your business connects with your customers. Increasingly, apps are seen as an excellent way for businesses to deliver revenue and create loyalty.

According to eMarketer, as much as 81% of time spent using smartphones is now spent “in-app”; and while social media and games lead the field in terms of app usage, nearly half of all smartphone users have installed and used a retailer’s app.

Indeed, there is compelling evidence to suggest that customer conversion rates are far higher in-app than via a mobile browser.

The in-app payment experience & security

Traditionally, the in-app payments experience has been poor and is definitely open to improvement. From your customer’s perspective, entering card and shipping details on a small screen can be frustrating.

From your perspective, if your business accepts card details directly in-app, you are exposed to PCI compliance overheads. Also, 3D secure authentication methods (for example, Verified by Visa and Mastercard Secure Code) have not been optimised for in-app payments. This encourages many businesses to skip clumsy authentication steps altogether so as not to affect online sales. However, skipping this step exposes your business to the risk of fraud and chargebacks.

Apple Pay can improve your payment experience & security

Apple Pay within app

Apple Pay addresses the issues of poor in-app payment experience and security risks. With Apple Pay, customers can make purchases from your app at the click of the button by using Apple’s Touch ID feature. For your business, Touch ID essentially removes the need for your customer to enter their card or shipping details, ensuring a seamless payment experience for your buyer.

Touch ID also benefits your business by essentially reducing your fraud risk: transactions completed within your app using Touch ID are classified as secure transactions. This shifts the liability for fraud away from your business, reducing risk and lost revenue. Additionally, because your customer’s card details are never shared with your app, your business can reduce PCI compliance overheads, reducing costs.

Starting with Apple Pay for in-app mobile payments

Integrating Apple Pay with Realex Payments is simple. Check out our Apple Pay page and begin a new era of mobile technology for your app with Apple Pay.