To celebrate the launch of our brand new mobile libraries , we held our first ever Realex FinAppsParty in London last weekend – over 100 developers joined our first ever hackathon to innovate and compete for a grand prize of £15,000.

Did they innovate? Without a doubt, I can honestly say the Realex FinAppsParty was one of the highlights of my 11 years with Realex Payments.


Over 18 hours between Friday 11th and Saturday 12th March, developers created and coded new inventions using the technology from our five partners: Estimote , Post-Quantum , WooCommerce , Veridu , Wacom and Amazon Web Services.

Realex FinAppsParty

We had 29 teams that were tasked with creating an innovative eCommerce app, that accepted payments using our mobile libraries. We even had our own Realex team hacking away, Stephen McGuinness, Artur Synowiec and Thomas Duffy, a big congratulations to our guys.

All 29 teams were focused on creating an app using our FinAppsParty partners technology – from beacons to facial recognition to social scoring – and embedding payments using Realex Payments mobile libraries.

Entries were scored on design, impact, creativity and simplicity. The apps created ranged from new twists on marketplaces combining flowers and emojis, apps for tipping directly to service staff, to apps enabling seamless payments using various body parts from fingers to faces.

And there was strong social entrepreneurship on display, with apps assisting those displaced through war to apps assisting the visually impaired.

The winners

Third Prize: Qoinz

Realex FinAppsParty - Winner

The winner of the 3rd prize was Qoinz, an app developed by Matt Williams, which helps people to use vending machines through an app on their phone, instead of cash. The app uses Near Field Communication technology by Estimote to connect the user’s phone with a vending machine, enabling them to pay with Qoinz instead of coins. Vending machines can be upgraded with this technology quickly and at a relatively low cost.

Second Prize: Floji

Realex FinAppsParty Winner

The winner of the 2nd prize was Floji, created by a team with Christopher Michaelides and his two team-mates who developed a Flower Marketplace app, which combined flowers and emojis. The Post-Quantum video technology used to authenticate the user was creatively applied in the app to embed a video greeting to go along with the flowers. Each team member won a GoPro HERO 4 & Pebble Watch!

First Prize: Nest ID

Realex FinAppsParty

After 18 hours of coding, 2.5 hours of pitches and 1 hour of judging, we found our winner – Nest ID, created by the team at We Draw Pictures , who created an app designed to help displaced people.

This team used technology from Post-Quantum and Veridu to develop a mobile app dedicated to helping displaced people, such as refugees and asylum seekers, to identify themselves, access their documents and find their family members and friends.

The team embedded payments into the app using Realex Payments mobile libraries. It was really inspirational to see technology being used to make a difference through providing a support network to refugees at a time that it is really needed. Brilliant concept, excellently delivered – well done to the team.

The team from We Draw Pictures collected the Grand Prize of £15,000 and a trip to Barcelona!


Overall, I’m so proud to have been involved in such a fantastic event. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do as a business at Realex Payments, and I can definitely see how this type of collaboration creates excellence through teamwork. Well done to all and I’m already looking forward to next year’s event!

We’ll be adding some great videos of the event shortly, so stay tuned. In the meantime, see the best of the event in tweets here .