We are proud to announce our new Realex FinAppsParty partner, Post-Quantum!

The countdown to the Realex FinAppsParty has started! On the 11th and 12th March 2016, Realex Payments is bringing together talented developers, designers and entrepreneurs to compete for £15,000 (among other great prizes) using our partners’ API/SDKs.

Post Quantum

We’re delighted to introduce one of our great partners, Post-Quantum; the company on a mission to protect the world’s information. We sat down and grabbed 5 minutes with their team to talk about their exciting plans and their hackathon ideas…

Welcome on board Post-Quantum! We have to ask you… did you get your name after watching a certain James Bond movie?

Not quite as exciting as that! Our name comes from our background in developing quantum computer-proof encryption.

Oh, we’re going to stick with our version… Tell us about Post Quantum in 15 seconds!

Well, we essentially use our deep expertise in crypto and communications tech to address the cyber security needs of businesses. We have 3 fantastic founders who have worked in areas such as counter-terrorism, satellite and communications security.

We are passionate about protecting information in the digital world and have been developing a modular toolkit of cutting edge security products to achieve this goal.

On that note, what cool APIs / SDKs will our developers get to play with at the Realex FinAppsParty?

PQ Check 2

It’s called PQ Check. It’s an API-based system for authenticating a user’s identity and preventing repudiation of digital actions.

Essentially it’s a slick way of signing digital interactions such as transactions. We are providing backend RESTful APIs, accompanied by iOS and Android SDKs.

What problem does it solve?

In a world where business is complex and global, the real-world pen and paper signature is no longer sufficient. As we move increasingly towards a digital economy, companies have been struggling with technology that ostensibly provides ‘user authentication’ such as hardware OTP tokens.

Users hate those things and they don’t allow you to ‘sign what you see’. Our solution combines portability and usability with cryptographic integrity to produce a much better alternative!

How did you do that?

If a person is carrying out a financial transaction for example, they will need to confirm two things: 1) their identity and 2) the transaction they are authorising.

“By using PQ Check, the customer takes a video selfie which binds their face and voice to a digital transaction.”

A unique code is generated from each transaction, which the customer will read into their video selfie camera. The 8 numbers are a hash of data relating to that particular digital action, for example their user id and the transaction details.

Once the video selfie is complete, the user is bound to that digital action. This is because the 8 numbers read out are linked to that digital action. The signer’s identity can be proven by replaying the video clip. This ensures the identity of the user is authenticated, the transaction is authorised without a chance of repudiation. The video element also deters criminality and prevents transactions being made under duress.

Sounds like a winning product… What would you like to see in a winning hackathon entry?

We really value creativity and fresh perspective, so we are interested in exploring use cases for PQ Check, whether related or not to payments. We’d also love to hear ideas about how we can explore the scope of, “signing what you see” technology.

“A winning application would wow us with its originality and make good use of all the attributes of PQ Check.”

Our Head of Swag, Jim, recently gave his top 5 tips for a hackathon

Do you have any you would like to share, Jim?

The Realex FinAppsParty will be great fun and a great place to meet new people. We’d say turn up with an open mind, and stock up on pizza and Red Bull – they will be your friends! Just really embrace your creativity and instincts, we welcome any and all ideas. 

It’s also important to communicate with your group so you generate ideas collaboratively and give everyone a chance to contribute.

If you push your own agenda too aggressively then you’ll never know what great ideas from the rest of your group will get crushed.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to ask us any questions, we are here to help and nurture your amazing creativity!

Bring it on! Thank you to the team at Post-Quantum and we look forward to partying (and working) with you at the Realex FinAppsParty in London!

The Realex FinAppsParty is the best party in town.  On the 11th & 12th March 2016, developers will compete for a £15,000 team prize for the most innovative mobile application using our partners mobile SDKs.

Once you are done with your app there is only one thing left: you will need to integrate our simple payment gateway process. Don’t worry, this won’t take long! We will be making available our forthcoming mobile SDKs which will take as little as 5 minutes to integrate.

or click here to learn more about the best party in London!