The term “showrooming” has emerged recently to describe consumers’ use of mobile devices in stores, to compare prices either to rival shops online thanks to multiple barcode apps. While shopping for the best deal isn’t new for retailers, the mobile revolution has changed consumer behaviour, giving shoppers more control of the buying process.

Last November’s, “The Today Shopper’s Preferences” survey from Accenture Interactive found that 72% of consumers aged 20-40 in the US and the UK use mobile devices while in-store to compare prices and the majority leave before making a purchase. A more recent research from Foolproof, a UK user experience design agency, suggested that 40% of UK “showroomers” buy items from a competitor – either in-store or online- after comparing prices via their mobile while visiting a store.

Consider in-store QR codes and instant gratification

Why not use it to engage shoppers, educating them about your product and deliver deals available only in store. The idea is simply to show consumers that the best buys are available right where they are standing.

Customer service

People are using apps in store in the need for information. Hesitant shoppers need to be guided through your product offering. Make sure your sales force is available to emphasize services or bundle products.

Enhance your website

Use your own ecommerce website to highlight what’s happening in-store and offer a seamless experience. Offer competitive pricing and shipping methods. Improve your SEO for local searches to underline how convenient your stores are. Finally, monitor your online reviews and don’t hesitate to put tablets in-stores that feature this information and encourage interaction.