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Our latest Realex FinAppsParty partner, Estimote, is the company that is building an OS for the physical world.

They’ve just come on board for the Realex FinAppsParty, so they will be making their brilliant SDK available to developers at our upcoming hackathon on the 11th and 12th March 2016.

Welcome to the Realex FinAppsParty! Are you all set for the best party in London?

There is nowhere we’d rather be! We’re excited to see who wins: £15,000 as a cash prize for the first team AND a trip to Barcelona is not too shabby!

We think so! Some rich developers will soon be in Barcelona? Where would you visit in Barcelona?

Well, our first stop would be to go to FC Barcelona – not only are they the best football team in the world for millions of fans across the world – but they also use our beacon technology at their stadium.

Their beacon-based app welcomes thousands of visitors and fans every day. We help trigger location-relevant information including promotions and tickets at Camp Nou too!

Visca el Barça! How do you do this?


Quite simply, you can stick Estimote beacons to any object in any location to create tailored mobile experiences for your users. Beacons effectively guide smartphones to perform various tasks, like welcoming a loyal fan to FC Barcelona, for example!

FC Barcelona is quite an achievement, have you any other notable users?


The Guggenheim Museum in New York is displaying contextual information about nearby art and even remembers your most favourite paintings when you leave! This helps museums like the Guggenheim understand what pieces of art are attracting the most attention, which in turn helps curators to create better exhibitions.

Currently, over 50,000 developers are using our products – representing startups, Fortune 500 companies and even the world’s best agencies. They have one thing in common: a desire to rapidly innovate within physical spaces, and Estimote helps them to do that.

What does the future hold for this type of technology?

We believe that the apps of the future will be designed and developed not for computers, but for the physical world.  Successful apps will be designed to connect with people in specific locations, tied to intelligent objects, smart buildings, and maybe even autonomously moving cars and drones.

Ah! Drones are our third prize, so let’s help developers win a prize at the Realex FinAppsParty by describing your SDK?

Estimote Developers

Estimote SDK is the first choice when building any Estimote Beacons or Nearables-related experience for the Apple iOS and Android. Our SDKs allow you detect beacons nearby, even when your app is not running.  You can estimate the distance, read from their sensors, and more.

Estimote Indoor Location SDK is a set of tools for building precise, blue-dot location services indoors. Our Indoor Location technology enables you to use signals from multiple beacons to provide your apps with (x,y) position of the user.

Finally, Estimote Cloud with its RESTful API allows you to name and tag your beacons for even more context.

What would you love to see in a winning entry?

At Estimote, we’re mad about creating delightful experiences rooted in the physical world and so we’d be interested in seeing apps that go beyond the glass screen of your smartphone’s or computer’s display.

Payments is a great opportunity here!. Think how many times this week you paid for something online and offline. See? Why can’t I just automatically be charged for my coffee when barista takes my order, Uber-style? Wouldn’t that make for a magical experience?

That would be magical… can you conjure up any top tips for developers coming to Realex FinAppsParty 2016?

We definitely can! Don’t be afraid to ask mentors for help, during all stages of your app’s development. When coming up with an idea, talk to mentors to understand what is (and isn’t) possible with technologies they specialise in. Inspiration is a combined effort so seek it out!

When developing, find out how you can get started quickly, for example, where to find tutorials and documentation. If you run into an issue, talk to a mentor, who can help.

The presentation is really key: when preparing for your pitch, look for a person to help you rehearse and don’t forget to ask for their feedback. To underutilise the knowledge and experience of mentors would be a huge waste!

Sounds good to us! Thank you to the team at Estimote for chatting with us and we look forward to partying (and working) with you at the Realex FinAppsParty in London!

The Realex FinAppsParty is the best party in town.  On the 11th & 12th March 2016, developers will compete for a £15,000 team prize for the most innovative mobile application using our partners’ mobile SDKs.

Once you are done with your app, there is only one thing left: you will need to integrate our seamless payment checkout. Don’t worry, this won’t take long!

We will be making available our forthcoming mobile libraries which will take as little as 5 minutes to integrate.