As a merchant, we understand the effort you go through to attract a customer to your website and to entice a sale. When you succeed, it should be plain sailing; the last thing you should be worried about is whether you can accept the payment.

At Realex Payments, we help our customers to accept online payments through a payment gateway service that works so well, it is almost invisible.

Andrew Johnson, Managing Director at Hemingways, understands the importance of a reliable gateway,

“During December our processing volumes are more than double those in other months. Downtime is never acceptable in the retail world, coping with these peak traffic times is absolutely vital in keeping customers happy and sales flowing – we need robust processing systems and capacity to cope with these dramatic traffic increases”

As a technology provider, it is our job to continually invest in the best infrastructure to help us deliver a constant, reliable and secure service at all times. For example, in 2015, our service availability for 2015 was 99.997%. We are aiming to make our availability even better, and our target is 99.999% by mid-2017.

Here, we describe some of the ways in which our network refresh has helped us to maintain our excellent standard of service:


Even in periods of high transaction volume, our payment gateway service must perform consistently well. As part of our network refresh, we increased capacity and throughput throughout the network to ensure that service and response times are maintained during peaks in transaction volume.

Although volumes in 2015 reached 5712 transactions per minute, we are still operating at less than 10% of our total capacity – there’s plenty of room for any surges in volume.


Network design and hardware were standardised across our two data centres to reduce the risk of hardware and software incompatibilities, and numerous internet and inter-site links were upgraded to improve resilience.

In the event of an incident, routing protocols can automatically detect issues and re-route transactions if necessary. We operate out of two active data centres, and database failover from one to another is achieved in less than 10 seconds.


Security is vital to both business and ours, and we put it at the heart of everything we do. In our network refresh, we enhanced security using multiple firewalls across multiple vendors and employing the latest security protocols. We also achieved PCI v3.1 compliance in 2015, well before mandatory implementation.

Our service availability record is a testament to our infrastructure, but we won’t stop investing to maintain and improve. So you can afford to take our payment service for granted and focus on growing your business.

Constant, reliable and secure – that’s what we do.