According to a recent report from CapGemini, the percentage of online sales being completed on mobile devices is increasing. However, mobile checkout abandonment rate is still high – a full 52% higher than for desktop and laptops.

Mobile libraries

A mobile optimised and mobile friendly payment experience can help to improve checkout abandonment rates on mobile devices.  That’s why we’re introducing our new mobile payment solutions for apps which are designed to maximise online sales on mobile devices.  We’ve created our mobile payment technology to integrate simply and quickly, helping merchants to optimise their mobile app checkout experience.

Realex Payment’s mobile libraries

We’ve created our mobile libraries for iOS and Android devices to ensure that you can accept payments within minutes while minimising compliance and security concerns and ensuring the best customer experience.

Apple Pay within apps

Apple Pay within app

Businesses in the UK can now also accept payment by Apple Pay for iOS purchases within apps. Implementing Apple Pay in your iOS app ensures a seamless customer payment experience while protecting the seller against fraud and chargebacks.

Starting mobile payments with our mobile libraries & Apple Pay

Our mobile libraries are accessible on our Developer Hub, where you’ll find everything you need, including quick guides, sample code and detailed API references. Our SDKs are hosted on Github, as well as on all of the relevant code repositories.

Integrating Apple Pay with Realex Payments is also effortless. Implementing the service on the device can be completed with just a few lines of code in your iOS app (see Apple Pay’s developer documentation here).

We have also updated our libraries to ensure that you don’t have to worry about any of the complexities associated with decoding the card details; just send us through the cryptogram, and we will take care of the rest.

Get started with Apple Pay SDKs or Mobile Libraries in our Developer Hub.