Jim’s open letter to the Internet

Dear Internet,

Something has come to my attention. I was in my basement, scratching my back with my USB backscratcher when I stumbled upon this article . I was shocked, stunned, and gobsmacked, to say the least!

So I took ‘hand to keyboard’ on this day, April 1st, to write an open letter to the Internet.

Google, you are claiming a ‘world’s first’ by tapping into the actual reality technology with your ‘Cardboard Plastic’. I beg to differ!

I officially launched my Actual Reality Glasses at the Realex Finapps Party last month . Well, when I say officially, its a slight exaggeration. I had to infiltrate the event with my swag bags! Turns out they went down a storm, as you can well imagine!

True, the guys upstairs are skeptical about my actual reality glasses, claiming they don’t make the product any better which they seem obsessed about. The other day I overheard them talking about these new “mobile libraries ”. I got really excited as my Nan loves the mobile library… Spends nearly all day Tuesday there. But these are different mobile libraries: they make it “easier to take payments within apps”; I know – me neither!

In fact, despite what the guys upstairs may say, rumour has it that one of them skipped a recent wearable technology event as he had all the wearable technology he ever needed – mine!

Aw, Shucks. And all from a basement! The world’s first Actual Reality Glasses, imitated by those people who pretty much own the Internet!

As my dear ol’ nan always said, ‘imitation is the greatest form of flattery’. Now, if you’ll excuse me… I’m busy!

Realex Finapps Party