We are excited to announce the launch of our low-cost Merchant Account and Payment Gateway solution for merchants in the UK. For the first time, we are providing small to medium sized businesses across the country with everything they need to accept payments online.

As part of our launch, we have developed a brand new UK website to serve our small to medium-sized business customers, enterprise customers, and partners. It’s all about simplifying payments as much as possible.

For developers, we have just launched our Developer Hub, a one-stop resource with brand new Software Development Kits for integrating with our payment gateway in minutes. We know that time is money. That’s why we have worked with developers to make it easier than ever to integrate with our platform. In short, it’s a developer hub, built by developers, for developers.

For businesses that accept payments online, you will ordinarily forge relationships with a number of third parties such as:

Acquiring Bank


The acquirer provides your Merchant Account and allows you to seek transaction authorisation from your customer’s card issuer.

Web Developer

Payment Gateway

The payment gateway provider supplies the infrastructure to connect your site to the banking network.



The person or agency that built your site and integrated it with your payment gateway.

We know that getting your payments up and running can be complex. You’ll probably be aware of the lengthy communications that can take place between your developer and gateway provider as the gateway integration is completed and tested.

If you use a separate acquirer and gateway provider, you may encounter issues and delays as your accounts are configured. When your payments are up and running, these relationships continue. You may need to contact your developer to resolve issues on your site or to add new functionality.

If you have a question on your payment processing, or if you want to update your service, you may have to contact your acquirer, your gateway provider or, frequently, both.

At Realex Payments, we’re now making it easier than ever for merchants to set up and maintain their online payments.

#1 – The Complete Payment Solution | Merchant Account & Payment Gateway

Sets up quickly so you can get paid quickly

Realex Payments can now handle your merchant services and gateway account application, eliminating multiple points of contact and the necessity to pass information from your gateway provider to your acquirer.

You can then direct all your ongoing payment processing queries to Realex Payments and we will manage your payment service from end-to-end. Merchants will also benefit from a simplified and transparent pricing structure.

#2 – Brand New Developer Hub

New Java & PHP SDKs for Rapid Integration in less than 5 minutes

Good developer resources are vital for a smooth and straightforward integration. We have built a new Developer Hub that simplifies the process for developers, allowing them to integrate in less than 5 minutes.

Realex Payments Developer Hub

Our extensive developer resource set includes Software Development Kits, API libraries, quick guides and a catalogue of shopping carts and platforms that support Realex Payments.