An effective checkout process is essential for conversion maximisation and the payment page plays an important part. We designed the Hosted Payment Page (HPP) with careful consideration for the customer checkout process. It was built to be:

1. Mobile

The HPP uses responsive design to adapt to the device that your customer uses to pay. So if your customer uses a mobile device, they won’t have to zoom or scroll horizontally to view the entire screen. We’ve also designed the payment page to allow the customer to fill out the form with minimum taps. You can take this a step further by implementing a one-click payment process, using our secure card storage facility to save the customer’s card details for their next purchase.

2. Customisable

You can brand the payment page with your own template so that it displays your branding and looks just like the other pages of your checkout. If you design your template to be responsive, it will adapt to the customer’s device, along with the payment form.

3. Secure

Much of your PCI DSS compliance responsibility is alleviated because with the HPP, you do not handle the sensitive card and payment details. Instead, this sensitive information is securely captured on our level 1 PCI DSS compliant systems.

4. Easy to Integrate

The payment page is integrated via a simple http post. Sample code is available in a variety of languages on our resource centre.

5. Adaptable

Additional features can be enabled as you require. Dynamic Currency Conversion, Local and Alternative Payment methods and 3DSecure can be activated on the HPP with no further integration work.