The Realex FinAppsParty hackathon took place at the Impact Hub, Kings Cross in London last weekend and proved to be a resounding success with almost 100 developers coming together to build apps using our event partners’ technologies and Realex Payments’ mobile libraries to compete for £15,000 among many other great prizes.

We witnessed some fantastic feats of ingenuity in the app projects pitched to our judges by our intrepid hackers and you can read more in detail about the winning apps in our recent blog post .

However, we also wanted to give all of you a flavour of the event, the electric atmosphere, the brilliant people, the highly impressive projects and of course, the bad swag . What better way to do this than with a selection of the best tweets from the event.


Team Realex setting the scene for the following 24 hours!

The hackers came from far and wide in their droves…

We had God on our side!

One hacker was bringing 1983 back…

…while hackers eagerly dig in for a long night of app building and code fuel

The Realex Payments crew were on hand to assist hackers with integrating our mobile libraries into their apps

Some hackers were getting to grips with Jim’s #badswag…

The long hours of coding took its toll on some participants!

But, with morning, came the opportunity to refuel for the all important pitches later in the day as our hackers dug deep for the final push

Then, in the early afternoon, came the moment of truth as our bleary-eyed hackers prepared for their pitch to our panel of judges

Move over Apple Pay and Android Pay…some of our hackers were building “Face Pay” and “Fingerpay” into their apps!

In fact, some of the apps pitched to our judging panel were nothing short of inspiring

The competition was so fierce at times that some participants were reluctant to show their face as they prepared to go on camera to discuss their project!

Some personal sacrifices were made in the name of art…

Some not too shabby prizes up for grabs! Did we mention £15,000 and a 2 night trip to Barcelona for the winning team?

Our fantastic technology partners selected winners for the best integration of their technologies

But, of course, there could only be one winner of the coveted £15,000 Grand Prize…

Some very happy hackers leaving the Realex FinAppsParty!

In conclusion…

We want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who was involved in making the Realex FinAppsParty, which was months in the making, a wonderful success. Special thanks to our event co-organisers, Angelhack , and event partners, WooCommerce , Estimote, Veridu , Post-Quantum , Wacom and Amazon Web Services.

Thank you to all members of the Realex Payments team who lent their support throughout and, most importantly, to you, the coders, developers, hackers and all-round great people who helped to inspire us all with incredible feats of technical and entrepreneurial flair in such a short space of time.

You demonstrated great vision and passion for your projects, many of which would be worthy of winning any hackathon.

This was Realex Payments’ first hackathon event in the UK for our developer community and what a start it has been! We are planning more of these in the future so please, watch this space!

In the meantime, if you haven’t yet signed up for a Realex Payments Developer Test Account, you can do so now in our Developer Hub.

You will have full access to our latest SDKs and mobile libraries for payment integration in minutes, not to mention expert phone support and the opportunity to earn up to 25% revenue share by getting involved with our Partner Referral Programme .