Calling all coders! It’s time to make like Rocky Balboa and start training hard: We have just opened entries to the 2017 Finapps Party.

We have also launched a brand-spanking new Realex Finapps Party website where you can let us know if you want to take part, find out more about past winners and get practising with a Realex Payments test account.

For those among you who weren’t fortunate enough to attend this year’s Realex Finapps Party, allow us to catch you up.

We gathered developers, designers and entrepreneurs together to compete for £15,000 and other great prizes and challenged them to build something truly original using our (frankly, amazing) technology and some of our partners’ API/SDKs.

We asked our intrepid coders to build an innovative mobile app that best demonstrated the capabilities of our partner’s products while using our user-friendly payment process.

The event, even if we do say so ourselves, was a runaway success with almost 100 developers and 29 teams getting in the competitive spirit.

Awarded Marketing Campaign of the Year

It’s not just us that think so either; we were recently awarded the honour of winning Marketing Campaign of the Year in the prestigious 2016 Emerging Payments Awards. The award was given to us in recognition of just how good Finapps Party was. So, if you were on the fence about signing up, do bear in mind that it’s now an award-winning event.

Emerging Payments Marketing Campaign of the Year 2016

All 29 teams focused on creating an app using our partners’ technology-which included, beacons from Estimote, facial recognition from Post-Quantum, social scoring from Veridu and embedded payments using our mobile libraries.

The apps created ranged from apps for tipping directly to service staff, apps enabling seamless payments using facial recognition and apps that allow customers to purchase flowers using emojis.

The winning team, Nest ID, created an app that was dedicated to helping displaced people, such as refugees and asylum seekers, to identify themselves, access their documents and find their family members and friends.

You can register your interest below for Finapps Party 2017 and get your hands on a Developer test account to hone your competitive edge!