Rodolfo Melogli, author of ‘eCommerce and Beyond’, is our guest blogger this week. Rodolfo is an eCommerce expert with WooCommerce and helps businesses to reduce cart abandonment and increase conversion with .

Rodolfo has five interesting tools to reduce cart abandonment and improve online conversion rates to drive more online sales through the payment gateway.

1. ‘Currency Switcher’ makes currency local

WooCommerce currency switcher

Many websites offer alternative currency options. However, buyers often need to click a currency drop-down to find out cost in local currency.

Prices should automatically appear in a local currency; this builds an inherent legitimacy which adds trust and encourages repeat business. Plus, there are no surprises at the checkout, helping to reduce cart abandonment.

You can do this automatically by using the WooCommerce plugin, Currency Switcher . It’s easy to use and automatically updates the exchange rate using the most up-to-the-minute market rates from Open Exchange Rates, WebserviceX and Yahoo! Finance.

Alternatively, you can set exchange rates manually, which allows you to enter prices in each currency for products and coupons, without having to use an exchange rate.

2. ‘Recover Abandoned Cart’ retargets lost sales

Recover abandoned cart

You spend so much attracting a customer to your site, yet it is all wasted if the shopping cart is abandoned. Identifying the causes, and implementing solutions to reduce cart abandonment is a priority to defend lost revenue for your business.

There is an extension plugin by WooCommerce called Recover Abandoned Cart which can help. It allows you to monitor, record and recover abandoned carts with automated emails.

You can send a coupon code, to encourage completion of the sale with the offer of a discount, benefit or gift. These email templates are fully optimised, so you know which template works best.

Salecycle recently completed an intensive study of abandoned cart campaigns and found that having a clear, highly visible call-to-action in such as ‘Complete your order’ had by far the highest impact, with an average click-through rate of 35%.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the email addresses of customers who abandoned their cart. You can implement a re-targeting campaign.

3. ‘Recommendation Engine’ can drive more sales

Recommendation engine

Delivering a personalised experience to your customers is one of the most effective ways to improve conversion rate.

Offering intelligent alternatives, cross-sells, second chances, and up-sells are some of the most effective ways of increasing your sales conversion.

A tool called Recommendation Engine from Woocommerce will automatically recommend products based on view history, purchase history and items frequently purchased together.

It’s a great way to provide automatically generated related products and to help drive users to view products they might be considering or may not have otherwise found. Some eCommerce businesses have seen as much as 25% increase in sales, as a direct result of a good recommendation engine.

4. ‘One Page Checkout’ simplifies online payments

One Page shopping

It’s estimated that 1 in 10 people who abandon their cart do so because the checkout process is too long. The more steps to make a payment, the less chance of a completed sale.

A single page checkout is proven to reduce cart abandonment and increase sales conversion. To do this, just download the WooCommerce plugin, One Page Checkout or Code Canyon’s One Page Shopping and choose the template most suited to your page, which can even include a simple pricing table and a list of products.

With these tools, your customers can add or remove products from an order and complete payment without leaving the page. ‘One Page Shopping’ automates the appearance of checkout fields at the bottom of the same page after the customer has added an item to their cart, maximising online sales conversion.

5. ‘Smart Coupons’ makes discounts personal

Smart Coupons

It’s now easy to automate time-sensitive, personalised offers to repeat customers who are likely to buy a similar product from you again. Schedule the offers to run whenever you like, using either Woothemes’ Smart Coupons or Codecanyon’s Dynamic Pricing Discounts .

These tools can also help to drive a strong referral marketing campaign from your customer’s friends and family with similar tastes and preferences.

You have total control over setting the rules for cart discounts such as when the discount should be applied (before tax or after tax), percentage discount, maximum discount supported, or start and end dates.

That’s it. Now you know my five ways to increase your eCommerce conversion. Simple right! Follow me @rmelogli for regular updates about how to skyrocket your sales online!

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